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Talaria Sting MX3

Talaria Sting MX3

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Talaria Sting 2023 Road Legal Electric Dirt Bike TALARIA

Please note that all motorcycles sold by Talaria or its dealers are for off-road use. These vehicles may not comply with certain national, federal, provincial and/or local laws or regulations. The buyer has the duty to inform himself about the various possible/applicable restrictions concerning the use of such a type of product, depending on the place where he is. He assumes full responsibility for the use he decides to make of it and the possible associated consequences.
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Talaria Sting 2023 Road Legal Electric Dirt Bike TALARIA

Larger Battery offering the best range in it's catergory (38.4 AH)
Gearbox providing silent and reliable power transmission (No belt to change)
Stronger Frame & Swing Arm
Regenerative Braking (Can be adjusted easily on the display for optimum performances)
Fast Charging Time (3 Hours)
Improved Battery Connector

Talaria Sting 2023 Road Legal Electric Dirt Bike TALARIA

The Talaria STING electric dirt bike was born to bring cutting edge performance to all riders. It features a CAD designed light weight frame design, a powerful electric motor delivering instant torque, transferred through an intelligent gear drive whilst operating extremely quietly. Its compact well-balanced structure is very easy to maneuver, and requires minimal maintenance. All these features make STING an ideal off-road bike for more people than ever to enjoy the passion and thrill of off-road riding adventures.

Talaria Sting MX3

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